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COLMAR – Ein Gespräch mit Giulio Colombo über die italienische Freude an zukunftsorientierter Mode!

Seit 1923 beschäftigt sich die Familie Colombo mit der Entwicklung von Materialien die dem Profi Ski Sport viele Errungenschaften brachten. Der Forschungs- und Entdeckungsgeist ist auch in der dritten Generation des Familien Unternehmens der Motor. Innovationen und neue Technologien werden allerdings nicht nur in der Sportbekleidung eingesetzt. Mit COLMAR originals wird gezeigt das funktionale Kleidung äußerst modisch sein kann. Und das  Mode zu einer wahren Wissenschaft tranformiert. Wir trafen Giulio Colombo, den CEO und Enkel des COLMAR Gründers zu einem Gespräch und durften auch schon mal einen exklusiven Blick auf die Kollektion bis zum Sommer 2016 werfen:

How would you describe the lifetstyle of COLMAR?

The person who is wearing Colmar has an active way of life, practices several sports with enthusiasm and with a special view and taste on the technical clothes. The Colmar style is always elegant and innovative.

What is the inspiration for the  upcoming autumn/winter collection?  And be so kind and tell us about the innovations and styles of the summer collection 2016.

The insipiration ist the future. The brand’s historic ties with the leisure world and its experience with technical materials that have crossed over into the fashion world combine in this statement collection of ultra-modern design featuring iridescent and plastic materials with a slightly futuristic biker vibe.

The culmination of the collection is the part that portrays the mood to perfection: the Research line presents heavy tulle pieces with a nylon core and light down filling, stretch windbreaker jackets and a capsule collection accentuating the biker connection.  Not to mention biker pieces with down padding and silver zips, such as the studded model revisited in pure Originals style.  Three men’s and women’s versions are the product of a collaboration with Phonz and San Marco, the two thirty-somethings behind the special Anvil Motociclette bike brand: working with them upped the ante for the Colmar brand, painting it black and bringing to life a highly stylish and absolutely smokin’ mini collection.

Colmar Originals extends its range with a selection of lightweight pieces in shiny fabrics with quilting effects for men, a selection of detachable jackets,  a superlight down layer and reversible items made in embossed, 3D-effect, hot-moulded fabric combined with classy water-repellent nylon.

For women, the bestselling and hugely successful packable jackets are back, with brand-new 3D mesh inserts and a selection of superlight windbreakers.  The new entries are part of the new Glow in the dark range featuring a selection of superlight printed polyester pieces which absorb natural light during the day in order to stay light and bright in the dark. Plastic-Rubber and Pixel is a new type of waterproof windbreaker featuring a clear membrane, and Density is a heat-sealed, quilted wadding with stretch side panels,  made with new ultrasound quilting technique.

The ideology of COLMAR is not just a unique style, also the innovation with materials and technologies. You are pioneers in this field? And do you see COLMAR as an interface between fashion and science?

We dedicate lots of time and resources at the research and development. We work in team also with our suppliers to increase the fabrics we utilizeon our products. Science and technology are growing every seconds and we try to understand which are the innovations we can use for our collections.

COLMAR is  known for over 80 years as a outfitter of professional skiing  athletes. Also with the fashion line COLMAR originals sets on celebrity’s like the fashion blogger Gers Daniilidis or the singer MIKA asadvertisement purposes. A proven strategy?

Colmar Originals is the translation in fashion of our strategy in the sport environment. We have declined the sportiv DNA that has yet more than 90 years old in fashion samples.Fabrics, technologies mutated from the sport are now in new products where the esthetical element is really important.

COLMAR is a family company with a long history that starts in 1923.  So you bear a big responsibility on  your shoulders?

After our grandfather who found the company in 1923, have been our fathers, Angelo and Giancarlo. Today we already have in the company Stefano, the first oft he fourth generation and in the near future other young Colombo will join the company to continue the work done until now.

COLMAR is an internationally renowned label. Could you ever imagine to move the headquarters of COLMAR in another country? Or rather: what makes COLMAR so Italian?

We are in Monza since 90 years and we have here our background and roots. Monza is in the middle of an important industrial district, as few in Europe. The Italianity, lat’s say, oft he brand has to be saved. It ifs a flag that we are proud to wear.

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